Sunday, 22 January 2017

Game On

Battle of Erlangen – Right Wing

The wargames table is back in normal mode – it has a game set up ready to play.    We are still finding it difficult to get back into our normal routine, and the wargaming has suffered.   Mostly due to the new Garmin satnav I mentioned last week.  

But at least the game is set up, and last night we played two moves

Battle of Erlangen – Campaign Map
This is quite an unusual battle for us, because it is fought as two wargames.

Our wargames table is three squares on the campaign map. However this battle covers five squares, so it will have to be fought as two wargames.   The white outline is the area of the right wing battle, the left wing will be three squares to the left.

Normally I would manoeuvre the two armies to concentrate into three squares.  But this is day eight of the campaign, three battles have been fought and both sides have battle casualties.   The Bavarian Army has lost two of the three battles.   But they are better supplied and want to force a battle before the Austrian Army can resupply and reorganise.

These mid campaign battles are much more interesting because of the casualties from previous battles.   Even when a corps has rested, resupplied and been reinforced each brigade still carries 10% casualties.   Such brigades are much more fragile in morale tests, and less effective in firing and fighting.   So numbers alone are not so significant.

It’s good to be back into wargame mode, and at least I don’t feel guilty when I pass the wargames room.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Matter of Priorities

To a serious wargamer this must be the saddest of sights – an empty wargames table.   We finished our last wargame on 10 December 2016, and I cleared the scenery and figures off the following day.   36 days have passed and it remains empty.   Every time I pass it I feel a twinge of conscience, but try to assure myself that “I just haven’t had time” to set up a new game.   But I know it is not true.  As my mum used to say “if you want to do something bad enough, you will always find time to do it”.
This is the real reason my model soldiers and wargames table have been neglected.   For Christmas I was given a hand held satnav.  For both Jan and I our second favourite hobby is mountain walking.   We have done so regularly since we moved to Spain almost eleven years ago.   For some time I have wanted to record the 40 plus walks that we do in the surrounding hills, but the local maps are pretty useless.   The suggestion of a hand held satnav offered the solution.

We belong to two walking groups, and consequently we spent two days each week walking in the surrounding area.   Since we returned to Spain 12 days ago we have spent four days in the mountains, two of them to recce future walks.   In addition I have spent many hours trying to master how to use the satnav and more important how to record it all on the computer.   So wargaming has taken a back seat.

We spent Christmas and New Year in the UK with our children and grandchildren.   After our annual two week visit we often have problems getting back into our wargame routine.    When we ran the PBEM campaign we had to do it quickly in order to maintain the momentum of the campaign.   Now that it has been converted to a solo campaign there is no such pressure.

However we have determined to set up the next campaign game this afternoon and try to get back into our regular routing of one wargame per week.